Documents from FOI - 20a Delivering a Western Bypass

A Freedom of Information Request to Suffolk County Council has resulted in the first release of documents from the 318 documents listed by SCC as relating to the Sudbury Relief Road.

This document dates from 2015 and is a briefing note on the issues faced by SCC to deliver the Bypass.

NALEP = New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership - Quango of Norfolk and Suffolk Councillors and interested parties who manage the LocalĀ  Growth Fund among other funding sources.

It reveals that the funding is much more complex than the Politicians lead us to believe and Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy funds will need to be diverted to the project, this will clearly impact the deliverability of Affordable/Social Rented Housing in any Infill development the Project spawns. This is yet another driver for the mad dash for Development in Babergh.