Reconsider the sale of Belle Vue House and part of the former swimming pool at Belle Vue.

Area of Belle Vue being sold, the area in solid red is open space.
Solid red area is open space being sold off, green shaded area is new park entrance.
We the undersigned petition the council to put the Cabinet decision to sell Belle Vue House and associated land to the Full Council so that they can debate the complete process of making that decision including the choosing of the preferred bidder and the scoring method used.

We recognise that Belle Vue House and the former swimming pool are important and much-loved parts of Sudbury's history and include public open space and we want them to remain as community assets, upgraded and maintained for the enjoyment of all.

We have good evidence that many people in Sudbury and the Greater Sudbury area are opposed to any development on or in front of Belle Vue Park and do not like the current Babergh Cabinet proposals for this area.
We believe that combined council and community funding as well as the legacy of a generous local benefactor would cover the costs of improving the park and creating an attractive open green space for locals and visitors alike.

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